Photo Name : Umbrella Making – A Handicraft Occupation (Prosperity)

This photo was taken by : Mr.Archie Sacay [Philippines]

Organization : Sarasas Witaed Chiang Mai School

Dimensions : 4000 x 6000

When : 2017-04-23

Where : Bo Sang Umbrella Making Center, Ton Pao, San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai

Description : Umbrella making as a form of occupation has been part of the lives of the people in Bo Sang Village, Chiang Mai. The methods in creating these umbrellas have been handed down throughout the generations. In fact, umbrellas have become a cultural symbol of Chiang Mai. This art of making paper umbrellas have become known not only across the country but also in abroad as well. This kind of business is continuously thriving as it becomes more and more popular.

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