Photo Name : Vibrant Prosperity

This photo was taken by : Mr.Robert Irven [USA]

Organization : Chulalongkorn University

Dimensions : 1406x1106 pixels

When : 2016-12-25

Where : Koh Tao, Thailand

Description : Tourism, both cultural and natural, are one of the key attractions that brings millions of international visitors from around the world to Thailand. Tropical islands, like Koh Tao pictured here, have developed much of island life and industry around tourism. Scenes like this, which mix both traditional modes of transportation and luxury bungalows on the beach, can now be seen throughout the country, but it is the crystal clear, turquoise waters that bring sea life revelers to this special island. This show was captured on a boat coming from a dive just off shore, which is home to some of the largest and most diverse coral reef ecosystems in the entire world. The lush, emerald tropical jungle create a vibrant contrast with the bright colors of both the boats and homes, further drawing attention to the unique relationship the island has with tourism.

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