Photo Name : Classic Chiang Mai

This photo was taken by : Mr.Steven Wright [Australia]

Organization : n/a

Dimensions : 7360x4912

When : 2017-04-29

Where : Chiang Mai - Saturday Walking Street Market

Description : Is there anything more Thai than a Tuk-Tuk? You see them in the post-cards, they represent the idea of being in tourist in a foreign land. But once you’re here, you realise they aren’t just for show; they are the workhorse of the streets and a major part of the employment ecosystem. Drivers are everywhere, jostling for jobs, but every Tuk-Tuk has it’s own story. From different districts, you get a distinctive Tuk-Tuk. From the pickup truck variety in Phuket, the modified motorcycle of Koh Lanta to the classic Chiang Mai and Bangkok variety. Of the differences from the South to North, one element is almost consistent - the love of loud Thai music for the real cultural experience.

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