Photo Name : Locals, Laughs & Longboats

This photo was taken by : Mr.Steven Wright [Australia]

Organization : n/a

Dimensions : 7360x4912

When : 2016-11-15

Where : Karon Beach, Phuket

Description : When you’re in the South of Thailand, there’s nothing better than hitting the water or watching the stunning sunsets. But as you’re relaxing and enjoying the sights, there’s no end of movement by the locals and their long boats. Working all day to dusk, the local operators work hard, but always with a laugh and smile. At day’s end, despite the physical and tiring nature of the work, there’s always joking around on the as the sun calls time on another day. As an outsider, I’ve got no idea what they are saying, but it’s so wonderful to see people doing the hard-yards with so much joy. There’s the obvious friendships and routine to it, but they remind us all that it’s not what you do, but who you work with.

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