Photo Name : Wat’s On The Hill

This photo was taken by : Miss.Amy McCracken [New Zealand]

Organization : N/A

Dimensions : 3990 x 2990

When : 2017-03-30

Where : Ban Pong, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai

Description : Like a scene from a fairytale, Thailand displays the perfect balance of man, land, tradition and culture. The temple is a symbol of this balance. The temple has been the cultural centre of Thai communities for centuries and is rich with tradition where land is respected. Apart of being of great spiritual and social importance, Thai temples are among the most beautiful, impressive structures to be found. Whether in the urban city centres or the rolling hills of the mountain ranges, each temple displays the distinctive Thai style of architecture and it’s own unique intricate details. With over 300 temples, Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand provides an abundance of cultural tourism opportunities.

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