Photo Name : Nong Khai Candle Festival

This photo was taken by : Mrs.Annette Johnson [England]

Organization : Local Government

Dimensions : 5462x3648

When : 2016-07-19

Where : Nong Khai Town

Description : Last year I attended the annual Candle Festival, held in Nong Khai to mark the start of Buddhist Lent. The people of Nong Khai welcomed me to this beautiful event and I was fortunate enough to be able to take many photographs of the procession and celebration. Whilst witnessing this amazingly colourful and musical event I was struck by how many young people participated in what was obviously a deeply cultural experience. I found myself becoming immersed in their joy at celebrating their national culture and arts and felt real sense that as a visitor I could share in their experience. The image I have chosen, for me reflects the immense pride and dedication of the young people taking part. Dressing in elaborate traditional costume, walking along the streets in their bare feet, (humility) and paying attention to detail in their dress and makeup (pride), they demonstrated the best of Thailand. I felt a great lifting of my spirit at this event and I would recommend any visitor to attend this or one of the other celebrations and parades that occur all across the country.

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