Photo Name : Dan Kwian Potter

This photo was taken by : Mrs.Annette Johnson [England]

Organization : Local Government

Dimensions : 5472x3648

When : 2017-02-21

Where : Dan Kwian Pottery Village

Description : Dan Kwian Pottery village is approximately 25km from my current home town of Nakhon Ratchasima. This image captures one of the many artists at work creating the distinctive Dan Kwian pottery that is highly regarded all over Thailand. I had the opportunity to discuss her work with her and she described her methods and how she had been a potter for 12-15 years. She stressed the importance of the support she receives from the Office of Tourism Development who chose this village to become the OTOP Tourism Village in 2005. It is easy to see why this village has been honoured in this way. The people here have a long history of pottery making and it is a very real part of their current and future livelihood. The potter I spoke to was an artist at peace with her work and I left with an understanding of how important it is for everyone that this way of life is maintained. Dan Kwian represents true sustainability, a model of how Thailand’s artistic heritage can continue into the modern day.

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