Photo Name : Rice, Rice, And More Rice

This photo was taken by : Mr.Eddy Stiffler [USA]

Organization : Retired

Dimensions : 6000 x 4000

When : 2017-05-06

Where : San Sai District

Description : Prosperity - Just by leaving the city no more that 20 Minutes away, you can find natural beauty and an unbelievable amount of kindness wrapped into one amazing bundle. One of the many things about Thailand that brings a very calming and relaxing experience to mind is walking around the lush fields of rice and jungles. knowing Thailand is one of the biggest countries when it comes to the amount of rice it produces, you don't have to go far to find a pleasant atmosphere within the fresh fields. Also on my little journey I had two local people stop and ask me how I was enjoying my time, one being a math teacher, the other a student. Both knew English well, but wanted to talk for the experience and enjoyment of meeting a new face. All in all, you cant beat what Thailand has to offer just about everyone that passes through.

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