Photo Name : Celebration of a Monk

This photo was taken by : Mr.Colin Whitehorn [England]

Organization : None

Dimensions : 2048 x 1536

When : 2017-01-21

Where : Wat Wong Photikaram Temple. Lum Sum. Sai Yok. Kanchanaburi

Description : Having lived in Wat Wong Pho over 7 years, we have become part of the life not only in the Wat, but the small village of LumSum. We do not speak much Thai, and the villagers do not speak much English, but we manage to communicate. When a man comes to "take Monk" and has no relatives, we are called upon to "stand-in" as parents for the Ordination (Phra Phut). In photo, far left to right: Lamtiak, Areya, my wife, Myself, Wheetnai, Chelem, unknown man, and Boon Song. Note: This a time-delay photo taken by my camera, Fujifilm14 Megapixel with Fujinon 18X Optical f5.0-90, 1:3.1-5.6 Lens. More pictures and videos on my sites: Colin in Thailand Wat Wong Photikaram 135597606600266/?fref=hovercard Buddhism: Myth & Ritual in Thailand

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