Photo Name : Cherry blossom in the Royal Agriculture station Angkhang

This photo was taken by : Mr.Stevan Effendi [Timor Leste]

Organization : Assumption University of Thailand

Dimensions : 5184 x 3456

When : 2016-12-30

Where : The Royal agriculture station Doi Angkhang

Description : This photo has taken at The Royal Agriculture station Angkhang, one of the most beautiful place in the north part of Thailand I have ever been to. It takes 2 hours of travelling by local bus costing around 70 baht to get to. The place is very nature and quiet, you can see many agricultural things inside this place by only pay for 100 baht entering ticket. Flowers, vegetables, fruits and tea farm are all in there. This agriculture station reported that one of the Royal project aiming to attract tourist to visit the very remote area which may benefits the population there in the rural. When entering this place tourist will be attracted by the beautiful color of cherry flower blossom lying alongside the street. Tourist can walk around the royal agriculture station, also can rent the horse from locals. It is a must to visit for tourists who are traveling north of the Thailand and want to experience the warmness of the rural Thai people.

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