Photo Name : Rafting with Friends

This photo was taken by : Mr.Daniel Clinton [England]

Organization : The British Council

Dimensions : 2048 x 1536

When : 2017-05-10

Where : แก่งกื้ด ล่องแก่ง

Description : This photograph shows me with some very good Thai friends whom I have met since I started living here in January 2016. This photograph shows the kindness, generosity, and warm-hearted spirit of the Thai people in Chiang Mai. My friends invited me to go have lunch and go rafting with them. These great people have made this foreigner feel welcome and at home. The photograph was taken in of Chiang Mai's countless spots of natural beauty, used as a place for eco-tourism. This, and many other countless people and places like it show the beauty of Thailand, as well as the friendliness of its people, and the application of an environmnentally sustainable tourist industry in a beautiful country. I am indescribably happy to be able to live and work here, and experience the many wonderful things that Thailand has to offer.

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